LG Mp260 K20 Plus FRP Bypass

After the following tutorial we can skip the Google Account (FRP) on any LG K20 Plus, even with the latest Android firmware, i.e. mp26010x.

It is far-fetched, but it always works in any case. For this process we need two apk files. Download the zip file from the following link, extract it and transfer the apk files to a micro sd card. Insert the memory card into the micro sd slot of your LG K20 Plus.

Skip Google Verification (FRP) on LG K20 Plus

Step 1: Access your phone settings.

If we do a full reset using the Power + Volume down key, we are forced to check the last synchronized Google Account before proceeding.

To skip the Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

First we have to return to the first page of the setup wizard, the “Welcome” page.

Click on “Accessibility” as shown above.

On the accessibility settings page, select the first option, i.e. “Vision”, and turn TalkBack on by sliding the switch from the off position to the on position.

A pop-up window will appear. Confirm your action by pressing “ON”. The riposte is now activated

Slide and make an L as shown above.

This will open the “Global Context Menu”.

Find “Talkback Settings” and double-click to open it.

When we are on the talkback configuration page, we will suspend talkback.

To do this, press the Volume up and Volume down keys simultaneously. Confirm your action by tapping “OK”.

Now scroll down to “Help and comments” and click on it to open it.

Touch “About improved accessibility for Android” to open this page.

Now scroll down and find “Configure improved accessibility on your Android device” and tap it as shown above.

This will take you to another page. Now scroll down again and search for “Connect to Bluetooth devices”, select it to open another help page.

Scroll down where it asks “Was this article helpful?” and select “NO”.

Now type something into the text box and tap twice as shown above.

You can see that the options are cut, copy, paste and a “3 point” symbol. Tap on the “3-point” symbol.

This will display a new “HELP” option, click it and you will be taken to the Google application.

Enter settings here and select the “Settings” icon from the drop-down search results, as shown above.

Step 2: Disable the Android Device Manager, Google Play Setup and the Services Wizard.

In the configuration we have to scroll down and open “Fingerprint and Security”.

Now select “Phone Manager”. Here you can see that “Android Device Manager” is activated. We have to switch it off.

Disable “Android Device Manager” and return to the settings page.

Now open “Applications” from the list of options.

On the “Applications” page, touch the “3-point” icon in the upper right corner and select “Show System”.

Now we have to scroll down and open “Google Play Services

“Forces to hold” and “Disables” the Google Play services.

Follow the screenshots above to force Force Stop and disable Google Play Services.

When you are finished, take a step back to the “All Applications” page.

Now find the setup wizard and “Force Stop” as shown below.

Go one step back to the “All Applications” page and you will find another setup wizard with a green Android icon.

Force the stop in the same way as before.

Step 3: Access your phone settings when the Internet (Wifi) connection is set to OFF

Then return to the first page of “Welcome” in the configuration wizard.

If we are on the “Connect to the Internet” page, we need to turn off Wifi before we can proceed.

Now click on “NEXT”.

Continue until we are on the “Legal Documents” page.

The first legal document on this page is the EULA (End User License Agreement). Scroll down to the end, then scroll up a little where you will find “optout@lge.com” as shown above. Tap it twice.

By tapping it twice we can split it.

The list of sharing options includes “Long Press” in Gmail.

Make sure that you do not click on ‘OK’. Just keep a long press on the Gmail icon.

This will take us to the Gmail ‘Application Information’ page.

Click on ‘Notifications’ to open it.

On this page, you will see a notification icon in the upper right corner (inside a circle), click on it.

This will take you to the Gmail settings page.

Click on the “3 dots” icon and select “Manage accounts”

A confirmation pop-up window appears, select Next to go to the settings page.

Scroll down to “Fingerprints and Security” and open it.

Step 4: Install Shortcut Master Lite, Sidebar Lite and start the setup wizard using Shortcut Master Lite

Touch “Unknown Sources” and confirm your action by clicking “ALLOW”.

This way we can install the apk files of the Sidebar lite and Shortcut master lite application.

If you have not yet downloaded these applications. Download them using the link below, transfer them to a micro SD card and insert the memory card into your K20 Plus before proceeding.

To install the downloaded apk files we need to go to the Storage <SD Card folder as shown above.

Find the master lite file of the apk shortcut and click it to install it.

Once the sidebar is installed, select “OPEN” to run the application.

Note the position of your finger in the screenshot above. Slide your finger at this point to open the sidebar menu.

Press the “+” symbol and add “Shortcut Master Lite” to the sidebar menu.

Now we have to go back 2 steps to the Settings page.

Scroll down to “Applications” and open it.

Press the “3-point” icon and select “Show system”.

As we have done before, we have to “force” the “arrest” of both configuration wizards.

Follow the screenshots above to do the same.

After forcing both setup wizards to stop, drag from the edge to open the side menu.

Select the Shortcut Master Lite icon to launch it.

In the Shortcut Keyboard application, touch the “3-dot” icon in the upper right corner and click “Search”.

Enter the Setup Wizard in the search field and press “Search”.

Enter the list of options, select the first “Setup Wizard” and touch “Start” as shown below.

This will take you to the “Welcome” screen of the configuration wizard.

Now go to the “Connect to the Internet” page.

Step 4: Block the setup wizard to skip the Google Account to K20 Plus

Make sure your wifi is off and press “NEXT”.

Select “SKIP ANY WAY” to advance.

This will force the setup wizard to close and return you to the home screen.

This is the most critical step. As soon as we click on “SKIP ANYWAY”, we must immediately continue to press “NEXT” and “BACK ARROW” successively. So, get ready and follow the screenshots below to do it correctly.

The idea here is to block the setup wizard and land on our usual home screen.

Let’s try again, click the forward arrow on the welcome screen, skip the “Insert SIM card” page and click “NEXT” on the “Connect to the Internet” page.

Now the Internet pop-up window “SKIP ANYWAY” is no longer displayed

When we are in the “SKIP ANYWAY” pop-up, the next step is the most crucial.

Here we have to click very quickly and repeatedly on “NEXT” and “PREVIOUS”. If this is done correctly, the setup wizard will be blocked.

And next time, when we click on the forward arrow on the home screen, it will take us directly to the home screen without going through the Google account.

Keep trying, it’s sure to work.

Now that we left out the Google Account, it is better to restore the factory data.

Click on the settings icon to open it

Scroll down and go to “Backup and Restore” < “Factory Data Reset” < “Phone Reset”.

Select “Clear All” and “RESET” to start the reset process.

This time, when you get to the settings wizard page, there is no Google verification page to skip.