Best Free Beat Making Software

Hello friends, Our today’s topic is about Best Free Beat Making Software 2018. Interested in composing own music but, wondering how to get started.? Never get disappointed since composing music does not require any unique skills and the only thing you need to do is to use free beat making software. So, this article is all yours, and by using these kinds of software, you can quickly create your composition even if you do not have any skills. Fulfill your dream of music by creating your environment.

We have provided you with the best free beat making software that will help you out. Among the below-mentioned software which is free and some of those software are also available with unique samples of music as well. You will never find any difficulty in using these kinds of software since they are very easy to install very quickly. So let’s check out all the free beat maker software.

Best free beat making software

1.FL Studio

FL Studio is apt for beginners and people with the creative mind can use it. The software will bring out the unique style of composing your own music. FL Studio can be used by anyone which is free of cost and is best suited for Mac and Windows users. The software will, therefore, help you with extraordinary inbuilt tools that will easily help you to create, record, modify your music tunes and save them.

FL Studio


Hotstepper is another beat making software that is free to download and is best suited for both Mac and Windows devices. One can easily use the sample sounds in the software to produce their own style. After creating your music, the software enables you to save the track in the form of WAV file. An extraordinary feature is that a BPM slider is provided to adjust the tempo according to your track along with different musical instruments to create your amazing tracks.



MuseScore is best suited for Mac and Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems which is free to download and use. The software will boost in utilizing the distinct features included to create your own music in a unique way. An extraordinary software for the beginners who can easily use their mouse and keyboard devices in to play the music. Once after the track has been completed then you can either save them in Flac, OGG, Wav formats.



Drumflow is another free beat making software which will provide you with many samples from which you can choose one to create your own sounds. The software is available for free which is supported on Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and Mac OS X devices. They are facilitated with inbuilt features, and you can also adjust the pitch as well as the tone of the music which can be saved in any file format.



Completely a different open source beat making software is Ordrumbox which is widely used by people to create their music. The software is compatible with Windows 10, Linux or the Latest Mac OS X that is free to download. The software is regularly updated with extraordinary features and inbuilt settings for the user’s convenience.



Hydrogen is supported in devices like Mac and Windows that can be very quickly downloaded and installed. The exciting features of the software will quickly and hence the user to create, modify, mix and compose music as per their wish. The music files can be saved in MP3, WMV which can be easily exported without any complications.



LMMS is another open source beat making software that is free to download and use. It has the user-friendly interface and Windows and Mac devices support this software. You can easily create music with the help of the sample tracks provided in this software. If you wish to add some of the tracks to your own track then you will get pre-settings. Your music track can be saved MMPZ or MMP that can be easily exported either by WAV or OGG formats.


8.HammerHead Rhythm Station

The best suited free beat making software for both beginners and professionals in is HammerHead Rhythm Station software. You can easily download and install the software on your Windows device. It will easily enhance the users to create your music with the user-friendly interface. It helps the users to save the music files in any of the formats which you can export easily.



Garageband is a free beat making software that is initially designed for Mac users, but now it is also available for Windows 10 operators. The software is available for free of cost, and it provides many inbuilt samples for the beginners. The users will have the ability to select any musical instruments like guitar, keyboard or any other. The music files that you compose can save in any format which can export as well.


10.Musink Lite

A fantastic free beat making software which helps you to make your compositions more efficiently with a single click is Musink Lite software. The software is entirely under the control of the user, with features like a zoom in and zoom out for clarity. Help menu facilitates the users to know more about the software which is best suits the beginners. You can save the music files in any format and can export in MIDI format.



Instead of buying expensive instruments to learn music and to compose by your own then these free beat making software will help you a lot. Create your tunes without the help of others. The best beat making software provided here will probably resolve your problem and assist you in creating unique music patterns. Do share this article,  with your friends and let us know your opinion regarding if any.